Here’s Why I Write

For as long as I can remember, I have been writing, in one form or the other. I remember sometimes spending my ten minute breaks in primary school writing short stories. I started… Continue reading

“Make Hummus Not War”

I live in Israel. For about 5 years now. Even though I have no connection to the country when it comes to family or religion. And now you are asking yourself; ok, so?… Continue reading

My Backpack

Going towards the end of my 26th year on this earth, I am starting to realize that I am now closer to 30 than 20. I didn’t make a big deal out of… Continue reading

The Risks And Benefits Of Being Honest

I see myself as a person who values honesty. Still I find myself not being completely honest a big part of the time. I have been thinking about that a lot the last… Continue reading

I’ll Have A Coffee And An Opinion, Please

One of the things that life has attempted to teach me so far, is that assuming things is a very dangerous and stupid thing to do. Doesn’t really matter in what context, as… Continue reading


It is with a heavy heart I feel the need to share how I feel about the situation in and around Israel right now. This is a country where I have lived for… Continue reading

“Anything War Can Do, Peace Can Do Better”

The last few weeks, perhaps more than ever before, it has become clear to me how much hate and ignorance there is in this world and what it does to people. So much… Continue reading

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