A Side Note For Those Who Hate

We live in a world with so much hatred. We hate things we don’t even know what they are, and people we never met, as if hate itself is the main purpose. We… Continue reading

The Hunt For Happiness

Everyone is obsessed with their search for true happiness. We spend our days questioning every aspect of our lives. Am I happy with my job? Am I happy with my relationship? Am I… Continue reading

The Importance Of Solitude

So many are so afraid of being alone. Maybe they have still not realized that they have no choice in that area: we are all alone in this world to some degree. We… Continue reading

“The Journey Itself is My Home”

I often wonder how we humans turn out so different from each other. We are all the same species, same biology, but so different in how we look, what we want, what we… Continue reading

I Guess I Am My Own Religion

I don’t see myself as a religious person; I don’t belive in something I would like to call God, and I don’t agree with many aspects of religion as it is practiced in… Continue reading

Taking Responsibility: A Choice We Make

We often speak about responsibility as something heavy and in many ways negative. Dreamingly we think back at our childhood days, when things were supposedly much easier, we were free from responsibilities, and… Continue reading

Here’s Why I Love Ireland

For many years I have had this idea that I love Ireland. It is funny, since until recently I have never been in Ireland. However, after a recent and short vacation in the… Continue reading

Note To Self: Start Taking My Own Advice

In my previous post Cheers for life! I gave many, according to myself, quite useful advice for how to get more out of living, based mostly on my own opinions. It has since… Continue reading

Here I Am: Child Of The Islands

Everyone is always talking about finding yourself. I too, I guess used to have this idea that at some point in life I just figure out who I am, what I want; find… Continue reading

Cheers For Life!

Let’s be completely honest for a moment, because we tend to not be honest enough in my opinion. I will admit I did have a glass of wine before saying this, because I… Continue reading

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