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Bursting the Bubble – Shooting In Tel Aviv On New Year’s Day

Every once in a while, something happens which creates a hole in the imaginary bubble I have created around myself. I live within the walls of this bubble. All my friends and family… Continue reading

Israel Multilingual Job Fair

There are a lot of people, living in Israel for various reasons, who are not native Hebrew-speakers. Or sometimes, not Hebrew-speakers at all. The language barrier can of course create a bit of… Continue reading

Swedes Protesting in Tel Aviv: “Don’t Treat Israel Differently”

In Sweden we have a saying that goes: Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder (There is no bad weather, only bad clothes). Because in a country where it rains and snows… Continue reading

Questioning Media’s Interpretation of Margot Wallström’s Words

Not that I like to write about politics, and not that I feel any need what so ever to protect our Swedish minister of foreign affairs, Margot Wallström, and I definitely do not… Continue reading

When Bon Jovi Took Over Tel Aviv

A lot of people these days give me a weird look when I say I like Bon Jovi, as if it was somehow a crime against music to listen to their songs. But… Continue reading

Sex År Som Svensk I Israel

(The following text is in Swedish) Här kommer ett inlägg på svenska, för det vill ju till att man även över sig i att skriva på sitt modersmål mellan varven, så att man… Continue reading

“Only In Israel”

During the past six years of living in this crazy little Middle Eastern country called Israel, I’ve experienced all kinds of things, for better and for worse. Some of the things one gets… Continue reading

A Morning Of Volunteering At Na’aman Vineyard

There is nothing better for one’s karma than volunteering for a good cause, and what cause could possibly be better than wine making! By coincidence, I and my boyfriend came across a post… Continue reading

20 Ways Of Knowing Summer Arrived To Tel Aviv

Where I come from, Sweden, we spend a big part of the year with darkness, rain and snow. So my whole life I spent half the year longing for the summer. But since… Continue reading

The Last Show In Tel Aviv With Carlie And Yosi

This October it will be six whole years since I moved to Israel. Six whole years since my younger backpacker-self, high on life and adventure, fell head over heals for an Israeli guy… Continue reading

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