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Thank you for stopping by my blog! 🙂

Right now, one of two thoughts are probably going through your head:

1) What did I click on to end up here, and how do I get away!

2) This blog looks awesome! I want to know more about it and its author!

If 1), then have a good day! If 2), I am here to enlight you!

My name is Veronika Nocky, and you have reached my blog, Bubble Perspectives. Let me tell you a bit about myself (because I know you are dying to get to know me!).

Photographer: Angelika Nocky

Photographer: Angelika Nocky

I am originally from Sweden; born and raised. In fact I never set my foot outside the borders of Sweden until the age of 19. While my friends spent their family vacations in Thailand, I sailed among the islands along Sweden’s coast line – true story, and I quite enjoyed it too.

I always loved to create in general, and one of my biggest passions in life is my writing. For as long as I knew how to form a word out of letters, I have been writing them. I always dreamt about turning writing into a living one day, but never really saw it happening.

At the age of 20 I had saved up for my first trip outside the borders of Sweden, so I went with a friend of mine to Tunisia. My first ever travel experience awoke the travel addict who had been sleeping inside me. I emediately started to work and save up for an around-the-world-trip.

At the age of 20 I left for my trip.

As it seems, seven years later, I never really came back.

After backpacking on my own for a while I met a guy and fell in love. One thing led to another, and I ended up in Israel. I planned to stay in Israel for a while only, but as it seems, I am still here.

Photographer: Angelika Nocky

Photographer: Angelika Nocky

I guess Israel goes under one of those countries I never thought I would live in (and now in retrospect, I have no idea why). But traveling, and living in Tel Aviv, Israel, has brought me a great deal of life experiences and understanding that I believe one can only get by living far away from one’s home country, in a culture and surrounding very different from one’s own. Tel Aviv has also provided me with new opportunities.

I started this blog in 2014 for many different reasons. One main reasons was sadly enough that I had to experience a war for the first time. While media kept throwing statistics, graphic images, and reasons for blaming one or the other side in my face on a daily basis, I felt sort of lost in this country I have learned to call home. In my search for truth, I realized there is no one truth. The closest thing to truth I can offer myself is my own experiences.

So I started this blog to do just that, to show my side of things, to reflect my life in Tel Aviv, that has so many wonderful sides to it apart from politics and such. That, and much more!

It just so happened, that by the end of last year one of my posts went viral, and suddenly I found myself being contacted by various news sources wanting to interview me. I thought to myself, that probably only in Israel will people get so excited over a blog post (confirmed by the fact that Sweden showed no interest after the Israeli embassy tried to spread my story there), but that didn’t make me any less honored by the attention. I found myself in TV-shows, radio, and news papers…and, I also found myself being contacted regarding writing opportunities! Without me even understanding exactly how it happened, I suddenly had people offering me money or publicity to write!

Article in The Jerusalem Post

Article in The Jerusalem Post

Seemingly by coincidence, and one viral post, I am one step closer to living my childhood dream; writing for a living.

But since I am also in the middle of completing a B.A. in Psychology, I don’t have much time to focus on my writing at the moment, but I try whenever I can. Since January 2015, I have been registred as self-employed in an attempt to take on more jobs as a freelance writer.

At the moment I contribute with articles to TomorroWoman and The Culture Trip, and I share some of my blog posts on The Jerusalem Post. Apart from that, I of course also have this blog, my baby, Bubble Perspectives. A majority of my writing is still on a voluntary basis.

I am eager to find more ways to widen my experience in writing and get opportunities for publicity, so if you are interested in working with me, please don’t be shy, contact me here!

Other ways in which you can help me fulfill my writing dream is by liking and sharing my Facebook Pages (BubblePerspectives and FreelanceWriterVeronikaNocky), follow my blog, or give me tips about writing opportunities. And if you are not interested in helping out a stranger, no worries, I won’t get (too) offended 😉 (but I might send my Viking forefathers to haunt you!).

Now, I thank you for reading this long intro to the end! Please have a look around my blog, and feel more than free to comment, like, and share (or don’t, as you please).

// Veronika Nocky