Israel Multilingual Job Fair

There are a lot of people, living in Israel for various reasons, who are not native Hebrew-speakers. Or sometimes, not Hebrew-speakers at all. The language barrier can of course create a bit of a problem when it comes to making a living in Israel, since the jobs you have to choose from as a non-Hebrew speaker, are usually fewer and harder to find.

I don’t want to say that it’s impossible to find a job as a non-Hebrew speaker, not at all. I myself have worked in Israel for a few years, in a few different jobs, and I have had use for both English and Swedish, even though I later on also managed to get by with some Hebrew. But all jobs that I found for English or Swedish speakers I came across mostly by coincidence, or through a friend of a friend who told me about it. And even though this has worked out great for me so far, a person who is in desperate need of an income, here and now, can’t always wait around for a coincidence to come their way.

So because I know there are many non-Hebrew speakers out there struggling to find a good job in Israel, I was very happy to hear about the Israel Multilingual Job Fair, which will be held in Tel Aviv, on January 26th, 2016. It’s a job fair for those who wish to find a job in Israel in their own language. Those who attend will be able to meet different companies and listen to lectures, among other things.

I want to pass this information along to anyone out there who might be interested in attending.

Registration and more information @

Good luck on your job hunt!

P.S. Read the article about the event on Times of Israel