When Bon Jovi Took Over Tel Aviv

A lot of people these days give me a weird look when I say I like Bon Jovi, as if it was somehow a crime against music to listen to their songs. But honestly, anyone who let’s people’s opinions decide their taste in music is not a person I can look up to (metaphorically speaking of course, since in reality I’m always at least a head taller than everyone else – forgive me the low level of humor).

The truth is I always loved Bon Jovi. Back in the days when there were no iPhones or MP3-players, I had a portable CD-player. I used to bring with me my Bon Jovi CDs and listen to them on repeat on my way to school.

Don’t worry, I was never that kind of fan who covered my walls with posters and such, I just happened to like many of their songs. And yes, I also always thought, and still think, that Jon Bon Jovi is a very pretty looking man.

Time went by, and Bon Jovi became something of my past. Then, a few months ago, I heard that they would be coming to Tel Aviv for a live show. I was debating if to go or not, since I am usually not a huge fan of big live concerts. But I realized I owed it to myself, and especially to my younger self, to go see them live, when they now finally would come to the city I happen to live in . Also, my boyfriend took the decision for me before I wasted too much time thinking about it, and bought tickets for us.

So three days ago, on October 3rd, it was time. With tickets in one hand, and a beer (Goldstar of course) in the other, we left home to search for a taxi that could take us to Park HaYarkon. Obviously, every single taxi in the city was occupied with people going that way. It seemed as if we were the only people who didn’t get a taxi. However, after half an hour of walking,  a taxi finally stopped and drove us through the heavy traffic the rest of the way. In retrospect I think walking the whole way would have been faster.

We arrived just in time, and joined the rest of the 54 000 people who had gathered there in front of the stage.

Check out this video, posted on Bon Jovi in Israel’s Facebook page, with the crowd singing along to “It’s my life”.

The band gave an amazing show. The energy was on top from the first to the last song, something which I found truly impressive considering it was hot as hell, and these guys are above 50 by now, and dressed in leader pants and long hair. They really gave it all.

And as always, anything related to Israel is of course destined to raise some form of criticism from different people around the world. Even something as seemingly innocent as a live concert. The word is, that some Israeli boycott supporters were against Bon Jovi’s choice to include Israel on their world tour, but like true rock stars, they didn’t really give a sh*t. Instead he dedicated one of their new songs, We Don’t Run, to the citizens of Tel Aviv, by saying “This should be the fight song for Tel Aviv”.

The concert was a mix of new and old, including some of their biggest hits, such as You Give Love A Bad Name, It’s My Life, and of course Livin’ On A Prayer. The last one is obviously one of my personal favorites.

It was a great show, and I am very happy to have seen them live. Thank you Bon Jovi for taking your time to pay us a visit here in Israel.