10 Facts About Being A Tall Girl

I decided I am going to spell it out once and for all – the truth about what it’s like to be a tall girl.

The reason why I am doing this is because people seem to have a lot of misconceptions and ideas regarding what my life is like. Most interestingly, they seem to have a lot of questions about how I do things, and especially regarding if I do certain things. So I have finally realized that the world is lacking sufficient information about us tall girls. Therefore, as a tall girl, I have now decided it is my responsibility to educate those of you in the world who are somewhere between average to short on the length scale and wondering.

Here are 10 facts you might want to know about being a tall girl.

1. I don’t play basketball

This is the most frequent question I am being asked. Now, I am not denying the fact that there are in fact a lot of basketball players who are tall, however, being born tall does not automatically make me wanna throw balls in to baskets.

2. There is no difference in the weather up here compared to where you are, weather doesn’t work like that

Contrary to the beliefs of many, the weather at my height is probably pretty much the same as it is on the height you are at, which might be a few or many centimeters beneath me. For more information about how real elevation really effects weather and temperature, if you are interested, ask a weatherman.

3. My boyfriend is exactly the height he is

People ask me if it’s difficult for me to find a (taller) guy – and how tall is actually my boyfriend? So my question back is; why assume I need my guy to be taller than me? Shorter guys have a lot of great qualities too you know, it’s not nice to just exclude them from the equation based on their height. So no, I don’t have difficulties finding guys in all kinds of lengths and sizes, taller or shorter. And not that it’s any of your business, but my boyfriend is shorter than me.

Eyes up here

4. I have bigger feet than a shorter person

Yes, I have feet in a size that matches my length, like most of us, so that I can stand steady on the ground.

5. I can see over everyone in a crowd, so I never get to stand in the front row

It has its pros and cons. On the bright side, I can see over the heads of most of the people around me, which is great in most situations. On the down side, I have always been banned to the back rows, in group photos, in concerts, etc.


6. Complete strangers come up to me and ask me how tall I am

You want to know how tall I am? Then can I ask you how much you weigh? And after we have exchanged this useless piece of information with each other, where does it take us? We are now standing there, two complete strangers, starring awkwardly at each other, you go “wow”, and I go “yep”.

7. Apart from playing basketball, people assume I must be a model

Flattering once maybe, but after a few thousand times it just gets really old. Do everyone suddenly have to stick to a profession that fits their height? What do you do for work yourself, may I ask? (I obvisoulsy may, since apparently we live in a world where one’s private life is everyone’s business) What do short people do? Are you all jockeys or mini-golf players?


8. People will come up to me just to tell me: “You are tall”

I truly appreciate this one, thanks all for being good fellow humans and letting me know, because I had no idea up until that moment when you told me.

9. I reach things short people can’t reach

The cookie jar on the top shelf, that book in the library, or that pack of cereals in the grocery store which some evil (and possibly tall) shop assistant placed way to heigh up. I can reach it, you can’t, and you will be asking my help to take it down. When I am in the mood, I might step in, like your superhero and take that thing down for you, but when I am not in the mood, I will just stand and watch, and smile, and then eat all the cookies by myself, just because I can.

10. People want to know the height of my parents

It seems as if the reasons for how I ended up being tall is a big mystery to people, one which they have to solve in order to sleep well at night. Is it the food I am eating? Is it the weather where I grew up? Or is it maybe my genetics? If I will tell you the height of my parents, maybe you will get that missing piece that will get you one step farther in figuring it all out. Or maybe I will just not tell you, and let you live in the unknown forever, because I’ve got that power.