A Side Note For Those Who Hate


We live in a world with so much hatred.

We hate things we don’t even know what they are, and people we never met, as if hate itself is the main purpose.

We hate actions of others that we heard about from far far away, as if we think we know the person and all his or her reasons and motives behind it.

We hate words written in media, taken out of context and strategically placed there to create a reaction among us – and we keep falling in this trap, as if we were completely unaware (we are) of the fact that we are so easily manipulated.

We hate groups of people for something they may or may not stand for, as if the groups we ourselves belong to have no flaws.

We hate people for their mistakes, as if we ourselves are perfect and never in our lives took a single step in the wrong direction.

We hate people for how they look, as if we ourselves were all some fucking beauty queens with the right to decide what is beutiful and what is not, and what is normal and what is not.

We hate those who are different from us, because we believe that our way is the only right way, as if we are all some kind of Messiah in our own little worlds.

We give ourselves the right to express this hatred, loud and openly, as if we have no responsibilities at all when it comes to the feelings of others. Ironically enough, we curse and wish hell, and use both verbal and physical violence towards those who we believe are bad, not ever reflecting over the fact that by doing that we are at least just as bad, or possibly worse (but we are aloud right, because only our opinion matters).

We hate people’s opinions, because how dare someone think differently from us. Most of the time we don’t even bother to find out if the opinion we hate is an actual thing, if it’s reality, if it exists in the manner we see it in our manipulated minds. We don’t bother to hear others or learn about facts and situations, or see the other side, or the big picture, before we condemn all opinions and actions.

We get all fired up about hating things and people, as if hatred is the best thing we know, as if everytime we find something new to be angry and hateful towards it’s like we won the lottery. Yeay! Here is a new thing I can hate! We get dressed for fight and go to throw some hateful words and opinions out there to see if we can fuel the hatred among others, and maybe even get a counter reaction that we can fight back, and that will ‘prove our point’.

We hate together with others that hate the same thing as us. Hate – bringing people together since… A lot of times we just decide to hate whatever the majority of the people in our closest surrounding hates – if they hate it, it’s a good enough reason for me to hate it too. Like a pack of sheep (I apologize to the sheep for the comparison) we run together in what ever direction we are told.

You are sitting there at home expressing your strong and hateful opinions towards things you really know nothing about because you read something in the media, or you heard something from someone, or you saw something once on TV, or there is this general idea that things are in a certain way somewhere and you really don’t like it. You are letting yourself be manipulated over and over again. You are allowing yourself to say you know things when in fact you never made the effort to even try and find out.

We keep saying that we humans are a more advanced species, that we are wiser and more developed than other animals. I must say, that for being such a wise and developed species, we sure come across as really fucking stupid sometimes.

P.S. Imagine a world, where the word hate could just be replaced with love.