Note To Self: Start Taking My Own Advice

In my previous post Cheers for life! I gave many, according to myself, quite useful advice for how to get more out of living, based mostly on my own opinions. It has since crossed my mind, that giving advice is easy, while living by it is hard. We often have many more or less wise opinions and useful pieces of advice when it comes to others, and most of all when it’s people we care about, but we often forget about ourselves in all of this. I, who should be the most important person in my own life, rarely live by all the, according to me, great and loving advice I hand out to my friends with nothing but their happiness and very best in mind. Maybe it’s just so much easier to be wise when we see things from an outside point of view, and when it comes to our own lives and experiences we are just too affected by emotions and fears to be able to make objective, and from an outside point of view sometimes obvious decisions.

I once read a very wise piece of advice. Unfortunately I no longer remember where I read it or in what context, the only thing I remember is this quote by a woman, which has left a print in my memory:

“Give yourself the same advice that you would give to your best girlfriend”

Beacuse we give our best girlfriends the best advice we have, wanting to see them happy and make good choices in life, wanting them to fulfill their dreams and live fully. We should want that for ourselves as well.

I recently came back from a vacation in Ireland. I went alone and had a lot of time for myself to enjoy the experience and do some thinking. This is when it hit me, that I have been forgetting to live by my own advice, and here are a couple of the reasons why.

In Cheers for life! I encouraged you to “See new places”. I realized in Ireland, that for too log I have not been excited over going to new places, and so I have not really chalanged my mind with new impressions for a while now. While being able to fully take in the experience of Ireland by myself during these days, I suddenly felt alive and full of energy. It was surprising in a way, because I noticed that without me even paying attention I have let my mind grow old and bored for some time. I believe letting ourselves be bored is the best way for early aging (great if we wanna sponsor all anti aging products on the market).

“Be spontaneous”. There is something exciting about just doing something spontaneous every once in a while, what ever it may be. It gives a sense of freedom. While I am a strong believer of that, these days I too often find myself over thinking things, finding excuses, not being able to make up my mind, pushing things in to the future, and so on. Just this trip to Ireland is a good example of something I have been thinking about for many years now. Like I have pointed out before, we never know when our time on this planet is up, if it’s tomorrow or in 70 years, and because we don’t know, it makes no sense to save our dreams for a day that might never come, now is the time.

My trip was short but intense, and it left me feeling full of new impressions, new knowledge, new perspectives. I have met new people and I have seen new places. It didn’t take a lot to give me that new breeze of energy and excitement that I wasn’t even aware of how badly I needed. Now I can only hope that I will remember this, at least for a while, because when it doesn’t take a lot to make ourselves a bit happier it seems pretty stupid to not give that to ourselves just a bit more often.