Here’s Why I Love Ireland

For many years I have had this idea that I love Ireland. It is funny, since until recently I have never been in Ireland. However, after a recent and short vacation in the country my feelings have not changed.

Here are a few of the reasons why I love Ireland.

1. The music.

Ireland has a wonderful musical culture that is impossible to miss out on, you notice it everywhere you go in Ireland, with traditional live music in the pubs, talented street musicians, and world famous artists, tunes and songs. Everything from chilled out instrumental pieces, passionate rebel songs, and fun pub songs that leaves nobody sitting still. Here is a taste of what Ireland sounds like, The Music of Ireland. Or a couple of my personal favorites, Galway Girl and Whiskey in the Jar.

2. The Irish language and accent.

There are few or no accents I like as much as the Irish one. They just sound nice when they speak. Half of the time I don’t always understand what they are saying (meaning English with an Irish accent, I would understand nothing at all of actual Irish), but it doesn’t matter, I just like the sound of it anyway. Here’s a lesson in Irish for those of you wondering.

3. The pubs.

There are no pubs like the Irish pubs. All the things I love in one place; good Irish live music, good beer and whiskey, good food, and fun people (with Irish accents).


4. Guinness, or “the black stuff”.

I never used to like Guinness before, I guess it’s something you kind of need to get used to drinking, but after my trip to Ireland “the black stuff” is now the abvious choice. During a visit to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, I also learned more about the history and making of this beer, how to pour the perfect pint and drink it properly, which changed the way I looked at Guinness. Worth a visit for anyone who is going to Dublin.

guinness-for-strength-poster-025. The nature, country side and spectacular views.

Dublin is a great and multicultural city, but if you go out on the countryside, and especially to the west coast, you get to see a more traditional Ireland with fields and farms, small villages full of pubs, and beautiful sights such as the famous Cliffs of Moher.

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6. The easy going atmosphere.

Some rules are meant to be broken, spontaneously meeting a friend over a pint is a great way to spend your lunch break, and worrying is unnecessary.

irish philosophy 001_thumb[2]

7. The interesting history and culture.

Ireland has a past of long lived celtic traditions and various survived invasions (including from my own ancestors, the vikings). A lot of historical places and buildings are still intact and in use, and Ireland being an island, and having adapted to the rest of Europe somewhat later than other European countries, have left them with a lot of their history still fresh in their culture.

And that folks, is why I love Ireland šŸ™‚