“Anything War Can Do, Peace Can Do Better”

The last few weeks, perhaps more than ever before, it has become clear to me how much hate and ignorance there is in this world and what it does to people. So much racism and hate, it gives me a stomach ache. I see how many lies are constantly spread in every direction, and how ignorant people believe them word by word without hesitating; it said so in my newspaper, so therefor it must be true.

People attack each other, verbally and physically, thinking they all know it all and know it best, and therefor have the right to act out on their knowledge. The real truth is, I would say, that in the end of the day no one person knows the entire truth, and to speak and act like we do is ignorant.
So many people condemn entire populations based on the actions of a few. And so many jump to conclusions without even trying to see the big picture, because judging and hating is of course easier and doesn’t take as much effort as trying to understand each side of a story.

So many people in the world is suffering, and still people choose to pay attention only to some of them. What is the basis of those choices? What makes some people deserve more support than others? And what makes some people deserve more hate than others? What about all the people who are forgotten? All the people in the world who’s suffering nobody pays attention to?
And who is anyone to judge another? Who am I to judge anyone? Am I perfect and so I can look down on the mistakes and flaws of others? Hell no!

But as sad as I get when I see all the hate, as happy I also get to see that there is also good in the world. There are also people out there with good hearts and compassion. People who know not to take anything for granted, and to at least try to search something close to the truth. People for who a life is actually worth something. My hope is with those people, the sane people of the world.